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Intelligent Networks

Electronic Services


Fibredyne has devised specific hardware and web portals for various electronic services. Below is a list of  a few of the services we offer
  • SD & HD IPTV Streaming and VOD Over the public internet
  • Energy Monitoring for impending government compliance.
  • FTTH Systems
  • Internet and VOIP Pipes
  • Health Monitoring
  • Ultra Low Bandwidth HD Teleconferencing
  • DSL Bonding (Coming Soon)
  • GPS Tracking (Coming Soon)
  • Battery Monitoring (Coming Soon)

A Fundamental change in electronics services is upon the horizon

About Fibredyne


Welcome to Fibredyne the complete Electronic Service organisation.Fibredyne has devised specific electronics service packages to service various industries and markets. Our Website offers a one stop portal for all electronics services that are on can be deployed.

Today we can SD & HD over the public internet via standard ADSL2+.

If you have a 2Meg or better ADSL2+ connection you could enjoy the same benefit as people from other countries have been enjoying for years.

Click on the Icon to test you Dsl link below.

Download PC Player (4.5 Meg)

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